ugh do you plan on spending forever in there or what?

I plan on keeping us not starving.

so we're gonna be eating radios now? a steady diet of some copper and plastic?

Fine, fine, fine, we're leaving, I got what I needed, just...Andy, could you help me with this? O-oh you're okay with me calling you that, right?


Also, yeah, you've asked before, it's fine

I'm glad! Now, please, grab those--yeah, those wires, the green ones, they look functional-

That's for the waveripper, right?

Yeah. Hopefully it'll work.

--or it won't like the last 100 times you tried

Irse, c'mon.

that thing is dead Zee but if it makes you happy forever trying to make it work, sure

What does it even do?

This little thing?

Yeah, I've heard of it before but never anything concrete know of those weird machines walking everywhere? Like, the hawks and the wolf-things.

Well, once i fix it, it will be able to sort of intercept their sensors and disable their...their thoughts, for a lack of a better word. Maybe even allow us to control what they do.


Sure is!

if it worked yeah

but unfortunately

Local space enthusiast can't cope with alternative solutions, huh?

point taken

i just want to remind you that this thing is a myth yknow

friendly reminder

Friendly reminder received, ignored and deleted, just like the last 15 times you tried!

So you two have just been, um, arguing your way here from-- where did you say you were from?

upper hell

New Brno.

i could've sworn the place was called upper hell

It was, but I think he'll recognize a district over a small village in the middle of a gaping radioactive void.

it sounds cooler though

And your goal exactly...? Beyond the waveripper

to reach that funky shuttle--

--Which doesn't exist--

in reinetown and-- hey!

it does exist!

Who's chasing myths now, ha.

Anyway, my goal is mainly to survive. Scavenge, adapt, that sort of thing. We don't have to leave for some mysterious space haven to be happy.

It just takes work.

and cowardice

excuse me but i'm not willing to spend my entire life in this burning trashfire and hunted by evil robots

i say we leave when we have the chance

Oh o-okay

what do you think?

I'm just gonna...stick around, i guess