So your name is Zee? Or something like that?

Oh! No, no, it's Zostat. I just don't like the sound of it that much.

still better than ztracen tho

Oh, certainly.


just some dude we met along the way

who knows what happened to him

He looked really lost, yeah. Mumbling about some mirror demon or something. Probably lost his mind.

wouldn't be the first we've met

Definitely wouldn't.

So what's your goal in all of this? We've told you ours.

not entirely though because someone had to interrupt

Ah, come on.

No, I want to hear it

Go on, Irse...?

yep that's right

okay so you know we've just entered reinetown

and people say that there's still a shuttle left over from the pre-redkite period

a functional one, mind you

not many people used the cosmodrome here because it wasn't really the most ideal location and also it's not really yknow big here

there weren't enough people for there to be frequent space traffic

but what little there was apparenlty still exists

some corporation closed down here just before hell broke loose and so that thing has just been sitting there preserved for the future generations or for the first group of people to come searching for it

How do we know if it's still functional though? Or that somebody else didn't take it?

did you hear about a shuttle leaving ground anywhere on the whole continent in the last five years because i sure haven't

and the rumor is new

i don't know if it'll work but i think it's worth trying

anything that can take us out of this damn disaster

Can't argue with that, I think

so what about you?

It's a bit...strange.

We don't mind strange!


I don't know how to phrase it exactly, but like...I'm all for survival, but what if we didn't have to scavenge for food and water and all that

What if we could just...hole up somewhere and wait out until we manage to hack the codes

like how?

I believe the former civilisation called it the Transfer

Downloading a human mind onto a server of a machine or...or something

you want ot become one of them?!

No, just...y'know, curse this flesh prison, that whole thing

Our biggest enemies are technology, time and lack of resources and maybe that'd get rid of most of them

I think it's too risky.

Well, you never know

All we have are theories

And if a shuttle exists in Reinetown and a waveripper can control machines, I'd say this should be possible too

Or all of them are just myths.



Well, we'll never find out if we keep chatting and standing here. Let's go.