Interesting sort, these people, aren't they?

Just out of curiosity...who do you most agree with? Or like, for that matter.

The pragmatic kind, huh? All about survival and efficiency and determined, selfless hope.

It's always a nice thing to have one of those around.

What about her goal? This world is wrecked, I believe you've seen it. And the beasts that haunt it aren't the sort you want to mess with or be around, but what if they can be tamed... isn't it intriguing?

To learn the rules of your cruel reality and then control them, shape them to your will... An important lesson to learn, I believe. Let's continue.

As survival states, the strongest survive. Such a simple message, but misunderstood so much; I believe you're close to what it means, however. Let's continue.

And the sky so full of stars, so inviting. Choosing to flee when the beast opens its jaw with the teeth of monsters from the ocean depths. A powerful solution, if used right.

Or maybe you admire her for her humor? Her boldness in the face of danger?

Correct indeed. Now, we just need to see if it'll be the right way to go for our little group as well.

Admirable, isn't she? Full of fire that the broken world hasn't extinguished. Let's go on, shall we?

Ah, transformation. I suppose I should've expected it from you... but it's true; such a powerful tool cannot be overlooked. Now, we just have to see what may emerge from the chrysalis of humankind. It all still depends, though, on if you wish to see it.

Or maybe you just like his steadiness and calm and quiet compassion?

...interesting word choice, but I cannot argue otherwise. Now, let's go on!

It certainly is! Always a plus to have somebody like that on your team in a difficult situation. Let's see what happens next.