So, where are we going?

the cosmodrome is at the northern side of town

north-west maybe?

And what I need, or think might help, rather, is very conveniently on the way.

We're crossing the entire thing?

the town? yeah

might go sight-seeing

Well, if something doesn't start chasing us.


let's hope not


it's almost sundown now

we should find somewhere to sleep

Good idea.


really? this shack?

I think this is a good place as any to settle for the night.

i mean yeah but wow this looks like if it was built in the last millenia or something

Might've been. Reinetown is really old I think. Ancient, even.

Anyway, might be a dumb queston to ask, but do you have anything for the night, Andy? Like, if you need extra blankets and such.

A blanket would be great, yeah

I lost mine a few months ago

aw that must've sucked

It really did

I'm glad it's not winter anymore

Anything other than that?

Uh...I don't think so?

Great! We'll have something to eat and then settle down, alright?

Are we doing shifts?

Yes, certainly. I'm looking forward to not having to spend half the night awake.

g-d, yeah

i wonder what this place used to be

some kinda shop? possibly a home

sometimes you can guess immediately like that one obnoxious rich people shop we stayed that if you remember that Zee

Oh, I do, yeah. That was...something.

but this is a way more nuanced situation here

And I'm getting food!

i was getting philosophical and you interrupted me with this??

It's food!


what do we have?

did you pick up something fresh in that village we visited? i wasn't really looking

Yeah, because you got distracted by talking about astronomy with that kid. It was adorable.

w--wha-- no-- how dare you. i have never been any possible definition of adorable!

i have knives!

Still adorable.


I did pick up some stuff, though. Jerky and some more herbs for when we'll be able to set up a campfire and cook.

I have some cans if you wanted

Figured we'd share

Oh! Which kind?

Mostly fruit and some of the military ones

You know, the gross meat and synthetic mashed potatoes


where did you get them?

That's a...long story and i'm a bit too tired to get to it today.

oh okay

so what do you say Zee?

I don't know how long the jerky will last, so, jerky!