Okay, team, there's a bit of a problem.


Well, we need to get through the city, but doing so is, hm, not...exactly the safest option.

maybe we could shortcut through the metro?

Yeah, that was my plan, really.

nice! let's do it then!

Wait wait wait - wasn't there something you needed in the city?

Yeah! I'm hoping we could emerge somewhere along the way; we'll probably have to. Lots of things collapsed.

So it's either the open streets or the crumbling metro huh?


I'm gonna go for streets.


I don't know

Just really don't wanna get trapped down there


That's understandable, but also, you know the kind of things that roam this place.

I want to dodge them until i get the waveripper to work.

Wouldn't it be better to gradually search for the things you need on the go? And get more supplies and whatnot, we can always hide.

Not really, they're in a-- a specific place.


y'know i don't really care which way we go but i'd decide fast

and i was the one who suggested the metro so

wanna do rock paper scissors?


hell yea i knew it'd work!


Hang on what would work?

asking you a question before playing! i heard it makes your oponent automatically throw scissors

Oh wow


What now?

the metro, baby!

the closest stop is like a minute's walk from here

but the way through will be longer so I hope your story is long complex and dramatic enough Andy

It's...none of that sorry

then give it your best try!

or i'll tell you about the time Zee jumped three storeys from a building


see? let's go


what! no!!


how did you thwart my genius plan!?


you were supposed to throw scissors i asked you a question before playing!


no it's fine! i'm just...how dare they lie to me

u didn't do anything wrong i'm just mad my galaxy-brained trickery didn't work

next time...

...It definitely won't. You just revealed it to us.

oh damn

Nevermind, uh

Do we have a map so we can plan our route?

...Do we? Irse?

yeah yeah whatever let's hope there's informations somewhere or something

I think I saw something further down the street


any regrets?

None yet

that's the spirit! lead the way!