When the Redkite lands is an interactive sci-fi/horror fiction game about a world destroyed by an unfortunate malfunction. You'll follow a little group of three survivors, who try their hardest to find peace in a world that offers none at default and help them make the right choices towards a future you desire, as well as learning who you are and what is your role in this world and its story.

This story is not a tragedy, but it all, really, depends on YOU. It has three fundamentally different endings which you can reach and I hope wou'll reach the most satisfactory one for you.

Content warnings

Be aware, this story deals with heavy themes and I will continue to update the list of content warnings as I go and as they are recommended to me.

About author

This is an opportunity for me to put to life one of the stories that has been sitting inside my head for a very long time and as of writing this, the story is just in the first few phases. As of now, I will update this site with new installments as the development progresses.......................Wake up

Ash E. Sinclair cc. 2022