ID: A stylized painting of a black hole.


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Ash, he/they, Czech, adult. I am an independent artist, poet and creator, specializing in the matters of horror and love, especially of the cosmic kind. I am a student of geology, currently also learning coding as well as writing fiction both of the fan and original variety. Also, I love fish.


Here you will find all the art that I use this site to host, organized by theme & type.


Here you will find excerpts of my poetry.


Here you will find excerpts of my writing and links to read.


Here you will find the unfinished text-based game When The Redkite Lands I originally created this site for.

Coding Projects

Here you will find the coding projects I challenge myself to, where I lose my mind and (hopefully) grow.


Here you will find contacts and sites that I frequent.

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ID: A school of astral, vivid-colored fish swimming within a ruined landscape of a world orbiting a black hole.